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Manufacturing 2025 focus on the future trend of a new round of reshuffle

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Chinese manufacturing industry is at a critical stage of the "big" to "strong", and the existing conditions are the basis of the transformation of manufacturing industry. Huge market scale advantage, improve the supporting industry advantages, multi-level space gradient strengths, in the upgrading of consumption demand advantage, these advantages in growth was born in the Chinese market is to promote the "made in China core 2025" spontaneous forces.

Before the State Council issued the China manufacturing 2025, the deployment of a comprehensive implementation of manufacturing power strategy. This is the first ten years of the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power strategy in china. Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, is the main battlefield of science and technology innovation, is the foundation of the country, the country of the country, the foundation of the country. At present, the global manufacturing industry development pattern and our country economy to develop an environment has undergone major changes, we must firmly grasp the rare strategic opportunity, outstanding innovation driven, optimize the policy environment, play to the advantage of the system, the realization of China's manufacturing to China to create change, Chinese speed to changes in the quality of Chinese, Chinese products to the Chinese brand change.

Investment industry optimistic about the manufacture of 2025

"Made in China 2025" will be the second half of the most extensive impact on the main line of innovation. Huang said that manufacturing companies accounted for 2/3 of the total number of listed companies, the market value of 2/5, the impact is very wide. In the country to encourage support, the most efficient way to upgrade the manufacturing industry is by means of a bull market financing, and then to the United States and Europe to acquire advanced enterprise. Particularly optimistic about intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and high-end equipment, the three major investment direction. On this basis, the preference for mergers and acquisitions integration and overseas expansion experience or potential of the company, it is recommended to invest in the corresponding stock portfolio.

It is recommended that investors in the three quarter continue to value growth firms and the opportunity to transform the company. "Made in China 2025" is the growth of the wind mouth, it is recommended along the intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, the application of the three areas of the configuration. Among them, the intelligent manufacturing in the field of machinery, military industry, new materials, electric power equipment in the field of industry in the field of the Internet communication, electronics, computer, application side and new energy, automotive, biomedical will benefit. Guotai Junan also recommended the supply chain finance 3, Disney, the reform of state-owned enterprises and new energy automotive theme. Market risk appetite to enhance the new shares to benefit from the plate, but also the direction of its recommended.

Zhao Yang said, optimistic about the stock of science and technology. He believes that technology stocks will run through the current round of bull market, similar to the 2006 to 2007 bull market financial real estate. Zhao Yang believes that industrialization in the late economic growth depends more on technology and innovation driven. Specific to the breakdown of the field, the most promising Chinese made 2025, followed by the internet".

Against a new round of reshuffle

On June 6, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China's Modernization Research Center released the "China modernization report 2015" show that in 2010 the level of China's industrial economy than Germany, the United Kingdom, about backward 100 years, compared with that of Japanese backward about 60 years.

No matter how much behind, the reality is that China must be embedded in the global industrial chain, supply chain, and to find the precise positioning in addition to low-end manufacturing.

According to the British "Financial Times" report, global supply chain (from different parts of the intermediate products and services through it into the production of finished products) has changed the world. In the global trade accounted for nearly 80%, including about $12 trillion of intermediate products and trade in services.

Standard Chartered global theme research director pray boon lay JohnCalverley to Chinese manufacturing wages rise regarded as a disruptive trends, global supply chain because of the traditional manufacturing industries in China, the price advantage loss and re integration.

Standard Chartered Bank's research shows that the next ten years, the global supply chain nature of the change will reshape the global trade pattern. China, the world's largest supplier of supply chain, will be stripped of a large part of the cost of manufacturing. India and ASEAN may benefit from the low cost manufacturing migration, Bangladesh and Africa will also share a cup of soup.

China around "The Belt and Road" plans to build infrastructure strategy, indicates that the global supply chain will expand to the relatively new area.

A survey of China's manufacturing industry in Southern China, Southern China manufacturing center 11% of the plant plans to move overseas. China in the new geography space regain space infrastructure, at the same time as ASEAN economies such as equipment, equipment suppliers.

From the point of view of the mobile phone supply chain, the most dynamic mobile phone companies in the world, mainly in Asia, the most important of the two forces from China and South korea. By the end of 2014, Chinese millet, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE, TCL, vivo, oppo, Jin and other nine companies accounted for 31.3% of global market share. South Korea alone on Samsung and LG accounted for 30.1% of the share, close to the sum of the 9 companies in china. In fact, South Korean manufacturers in the mobile phone manufacturers to achieve a global layout. Among them, about 50% of Samsung's mobile phone production in vietnam.

Due to technical advantages, Samsung, LG and other South Korean companies not only occupy some of the terminal market, or mobile phone parts and components of the most important suppliers. Mobile phone LCD screen, flash memory, processor, camera and other key parts, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers need a large number of Korean companies to purchase. Apple iPhone6 using the screen from the LG supply of the liquid crystal screen, iPhone6 sell better, LG products will sell better, and share some of the profits from.

Chinese mobile phone companies have the ability of learning and marketing, the platform has the ability to integrate resources, but basically do not have chip technology and manufacturing capacity, rely on imports of key components, such as mobile phone chip or procurement Qualcomm's snapdragon family or from Samsung purchase. Mobile phone LCD screen is mainly to


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