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What are the challenges facing China's manufacturing industry under the new sit

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Under the current international situation, China's manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of the following three aspects.

The first on the one hand, from some western developed countries, led by the United States, especially under the condition of the international financial crisis, more highlights them in industrial hollowing out cause of the lack of the real economy.Then initiated by the United States, Internet and German industrial 4.0 represented by the use of a more industrialized, aims to use high-tech to return to the real economy, at the same time further conquers the highest position in high-end manufacturing, at the same time hope in a new round of global industrial revolution, new manufacturing of competition around the world compete for a certain voice.

The second aspect, along with India, asean countries, Latin American countries with lower labor costs and resources costs, quickly preempted the low-end manufacturing markets around the world.For the status of the factory of the world, China has formed between up and down double momentum.

The third aspect, from China within the manufacturing environment.China's manufacturing sector is now a feature of a typical large and is not strong.The world more than 500 kinds of industrial products, including more than 220 kinds of industrial products from made in China, but lack of capacity for independent innovation of China's manufacturing industry;In some of the key components, parts and components manufacturing process on the core technology, high external dependency.Therefore Chinese manufacturing or in the low-end of the global manufacturing industry chain, also lack international first-class enterprise and international famous brands, the industrial chain of the relatively small share of high value-added part.And most of China's manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the management level is relatively backward.

More than triple challenge, China manufacturing only rely on management innovation, technological innovation can we truly achieve the overall transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.Therefore the Chinese government in March 2015, the official made 2025 the national strategy of China are put forward.

2025 what is the core of made in China?

Made in China, 2025 mainly focused on such a common thread:

First, the Internet.Thinking and of the Internet as a technology, and traditional industries combined, so as to create new forms and new business models.Such as online electronic retailing forms and B2B business, social media and digital marketing, service and O2O life circle, and the third party payment, P2P, the raise of Internet banking business.

Second, the informatization and industrialization depth fusion.The depth of integration is not only to the Chinese manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process, the comprehensive promotion of core technology research ability, but also with the emerging of electronics and information technology and advanced management mode, for Chinese manufacturing enterprises independent innovation ability, marketing ability, ability to conduct a comprehensive brand building.

Third, intelligent manufacturing.Have some consistent with the emphasis of industrial 4.0 content, is mainly refers to modern Internet of things and the depth of the artificial intelligence technology is applied to the manufacture of each link, to replace or extension part of the manual and mental labor, which can improve the production efficiency, reduce cost, make the whole production process to achieve the optimal state.

Compared with the industrial 4.0, we pay more attention to the five innovation

Look at made in China, 2025, 4.0 compared with industry, it covers the surface of a broader, mainly concentrated in the manufacturing industry product development and design, marketing, internal management, service management, and other aspects.

First, the product model innovation.The package design patterns, and the characteristics of digital products.Such as millet fans to participate in product design, haier mall provided personalized customization, etc.

Second, manufacturing mode innovation.When it comes to manufacturing model of innovation, in addition to the familiar robots, robot, mechanized production line, the current mode of 3 d printing is probably now one of the new industry pattern of a typical.Because it has changed the traditional processing thinking.As we all know, a typical feature of the traditional processing thinking mainly resection, eliminate, in the processing of raw material is constantly in the process of cuts, is doing subtraction.The characteristics of 3 d printing is through material layer overlay, print more, material, printing, less material, less formed by superposition of material products, it is the process of thinking to do addition, can reach the highest utilization rate of the material.

Third, the supply chain mode innovation.Mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the coordination between supply chain upstream and downstream;The second is to develop the intelligent logistics, dynamic monitor and control implementation of logistics information, and assist in big data analysis technology.Such as jingdong mall is rely on real-time analysis of the supply chain data, predict to cargo information, stock up in advance.

Fourth, the marketing mode innovation.Mainly in combination with the mobile Internet, social networks, cloud computing and other patterns, vigorously promote social media and digital marketing.Its two main characteristics: one is spread very fast, is a typical rapid spread of pyramid and viral replication.The second is focusing on sexual transmitted objects is very high, mainly through the point-to-point communication, word of mouth marketing, marketing, circle of friends.

Fifth, service mode innovation.Manufacturing service is the future developing trend of Chinese manufacturing industry.This is must be based on the digital products.Manufacturers can be used for their products sell the real-time access to information, real time monitoring usage, and the ability to early diagnosis of the equipment failure, remote sending instructions for remote maintenance and maintenance, to provide product whole life cycle of a service.Today's manufacturing industry is to sell products, manufacturing is to sell service tomorrow.Improve the added value of products through service.
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