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Machinery industry: "made in China 2025" industrial power new route

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"Made in China by 2025, Chinese version of industrial power roadmap coming soon: 2015 government work report made it clear to implement" 2025 plan made in China, put forward adhere to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen the foundation, the development of green, to accelerate from a big manufacturing country to manufacturing power, the current point of view, the core content of unknown, but certainly is the planning includes the next 10 years China to build industrial powers of the top-level planning and route map, and the Ministry of industry and other relevant departments claims are being developed "made in China 2025 plan, and will be submitted to the State Council.

Intelligent transformation as a breakthrough, the core of which is on the basis of information "to industrialization": academician Zhou Ji pointed out that this change is the depth of fusion of informatization and industrialization, in manufacturing digital, networked and intelligent as the core to establish in networking and provided on the basis of (service) network, and superposition of new energy, new materials and other aspects of breakthrough caused a new round of change. It contains a main line, is to reflect the depth of information technology and manufacturing technology integration of digital network of intelligent manufacturing as the main line. Eight strategic countermeasures, namely: the implementation of digital network intelligent manufacturing; enhance product design capability; perfect manufacturing industry technology innovation system; strengthen manufacturing base; improve product quality; the implementation of green manufacturing; training with global competitiveness of enterprise groups and advantage industry; modern service industry development.

High-end equipment manufacturing comprehensive benefit: we think that according to the "China manufacturing 2025" idea, which CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, ship and marine equipment, energy-saving environmental protection equipment will give priority to the development, aerospace equipment, rail transportation equipment and other industries will focus on breakthroughs in. Specifically, 2020 years ago, the extensive implementation of digital manufacturing, in the dominant industry to focus on business as the main body to carry out intelligent manufacturing applications demonstration; after 2020, the comprehensive promotion of intelligent manufacturing. Attach great importance to the development of NC system, servo motors, sensors, measuring instruments, such as key components and high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, 3D manufacturing equipment, such as key equipment; breakthrough a group of "digital generation" mechanical products and intelligent manufacturing equipment; promote the digital workshop, digital factory, digital enterprise pilot and application. So we believe that the next 10 years or even longer, high-end equipment manufacturing will benefit from the "China made 2025" planning.


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