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The mechanical manufacturing industry to "outsmart" new markets

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In February 8th, Changsha city under the Mount Yuelu Lugu second industrial park line is still busy. Outside the factory, a car and sanitation truck in the fog through. Here is the new park, the company's environmental sanitation machinery company in the machinery manufacturing industry in 2014, they achieved 16.51% growth rate in the first half of.

Facing the domestic demand growth is slowing down, the macroscopic situation which the export is blocked, the machinery manufacturing industry is facing the stern challenge. How to deal with China's large machinery manufacturing enterprises, the reporter recently visited a number of domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Predicament, mechanical manufacturing industry faces grim situation

Machinery manufacturing industry has always been known as the "mother of industry", it is not only by the impact of steel, oil and other upstream industries, but also with the downstream construction industry, mining industry, real estate and other industries closely related. Due to the slowdown in demand growth in downstream industries, raw materials and other operating costs increase, the machinery manufacturing industry is facing a severe economic situation than in previous years.

Last year, China's macroeconomic situation is tight. Machinery industry in the first half growth is better, but the second half growth rate began to decline month by month. Annual production and sales growth rate will be between 10% to 15%, profit growth is expected to be around 10%. Although so far, machinery industry growth rate still reached double digits, but operation of the difficulties are increasing, the growth rate in monthly decline, downward pressure great. " China Machinery Industry Association Special Adviser Cai Weici said. Excavator, for example, according to the data provided by the network of information industry of China, September 2014 the excavator production for 6126, an increase of -19.63%, from January to September 2014 the excavator production for 92192, - 8.26% year-on-year.

Cai Weici pointed out that the growth rate is mainly due to slowing demand growth, rising costs caused by. With the increase of the size of the base, realize the growth of difficulty will also increase, coupled with the demand structure changes and upgrades, incremental leading to the stock of leading change and other factors, market forced industry transformation and upgrade pressures will continue to increase.

China Construction Machinery Industry Association vice chairman and secretary-general suzimeng believes that the downward pressure on the industry caused by the three aspects: the first is the market demand is on the decline, engineering machinery operating rate less than 50%; secondly, because of before a few years market demand soared, making the market put the total number of mechanical engineering is very large, digestive stock also need to certain time; thirdly, the rapid productivity growth in a few years ago, some excess capacity to resolve, also requires a certain amount of time.

Innovation, transformation and upgrading of the important engine

According to the China Machinery Industry Federation released 2014 China machinery industry operation data, machinery industry throughout the year "steady growth" performance is acceptable, but year-on-year growth slow down. This reflects the economic background of the new normal, the development stage of the mechanical industry, industry structure, industrial structure, demand structure, profit model is undergoing a lot of changes.

Innovation is an important engine for the transformation and upgrading of machinery manufacturing enterprises. China's economic development into the new normal, the economy from high-speed growth to high-speed growth, the development of the middle and lower level to the high-end level. To make the move to promote structural reforms, to form a more advanced, more complex division of labor, the development stage of a more rational structure evolution. To this end, to transform the traditional engine, to create a new engine.

"The fundamental way to deal with the grim situation of machinery manufacturing industry is to enhance the capability of independent innovation, develop new products with high technology content and high added value, and open the international market. To avoid competition in low level of excess capacity, "outsmart" new markets." Su Zimeng said.

The improvement of innovation ability, make the domestic machinery enterprises more competitive. Su Zimeng said that although the domestic demand for construction machinery market in recent years, the decline in domestic demand, but the independent brand to meet market demand reached 90%, compared with the end of 11th Five-Year increased by 4 percentage points. In the Chinese construction machinery market, the excavator has always been the focus of international brand competition. According to statistics, in 2014, Sany in China excavator sales first, more than Komatsu, Caterpillar and other international giants.

Break through, find new profit growth point

Enhance the innovation capability of enterprises, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of high-end machinery manufacturing industry, is the long-term development strategy of China's machinery manufacturing enterprises. However, the short-term growth pressure to allow enterprises to find a new way out.

How to break through? Suzimeng said, the enterprise competition has the following direction: first is to grasp the technology, the second is to grasp the product reliability and the third is caught, the management, the fourth is grasping channels. The fifth is grasping the brand and the sixth is to grasp the service. More important, is to actively participate in international competition, in the international market, China's export machine has nearly 200 billion yuan, national brand go out of the pace accelerating, some good signs.

Walking in the streets of Jianye District of Nanjing City, the road is clean and new, thanks to the ZOOMLION water cycle washing car. "Industrial environment tailor-made Zhonglian, Lugu second industrial park has also been put into use, all the construction projects after the completion of the sales target of nearly 400 million yuan. Zoomlion departments to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, environmental sanitation machinery company become group looking for new profit growth point 'vanguard'. " ZOOMLION Environment Division General Manager Chen Peiliang said.

To open up overseas markets, internationalization strategy is Xugong Group business focus. Reporter in Xugong Group headquarters global positioning large screen see, on behalf of different business types of symbol density have induced covered the whole map of the world. Xugong Group Chairman Wang Min said that the new economic norm Chinese is bound to trigger a new round of industry


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