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China heavy truck dynamic power lead the development trend of Weichai 13 liters

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Development trend of heavy truck power has been the subject of concern in the industry, insiders pointed out that the high speed and large power heavy tonnage, is certainly the direction of future development. Domestic well-known enterprises in the production in order to achieve a breakthrough in the field of heavy truck, it is necessary to the development of more than 15 tons of heavy vehicles, the engine power to from 230 horsepower has been to extend to more than 450 horsepower.

In this regard, Weichai Power, vice president and deputy chief engineer de Hui Tong believes that with lower fuel consumption, more environmental protection, more reliable large displacement diesel engine has become the new demand of China heavy truck power.

Tong Dehui said that the development of heavy truck power, always can not be separated from the three major themes, namely, power, economy and emissions.

From the current development of the domestic, "1025" during highway fast layout and fast popularization of Internet of things technology, pull the electricity supplier delivery, electronic goods, supermarket cold chain, health care and other high added value logistics rapid growth. The high value of freight transportation means high quality, high reliability and high reliability. At the same time, with the increase of China's foreign trade, as well as the increase in the length of the international land transport line, and thus stimulate the demand for high-end road tractor will also be a substantial increase in demand.

The new trend of the market and customer demand in the promotion of the new heavy truck engine upgrade. On the one hand, enterprises "zero inventory" trend is becoming more and more obvious, logistics customer for the arrival of the goods at the time request more and more high; on the other hand, the rapid development of China's logistics industry, logistics rapid, rejection hang transport will become the main form of the logistics of the truck. In addition, in recent years, the country to promote the spread of the transport, a tractor with several trailers, tractors will be used around the clock. Especially with the increase of fuel tax, consumption tax, fuel costs accounted for the proportion of transport costs more and more high. Therefore, comprehensive lower fuel consumption, more environmental protection and more reliable large displacement diesel engine show the advantages has become the new demands of Chinese heavy truck power.

From the point of view of the development of China's heavy truck power, 2001, China heavy truck main models of displacement in 7L around, in 2003 rose to 8L, 2009 rose to 10L. Since 2010, the share of 12L has increased year by year. The rise of heavy truck engine displacement is very obvious.

However the more than 500 horsepower of large trucks almost all were imported cars occupied, and homebred high-powered heavy trucks most are concentrated in more than 300 horsepower segment, to launch a high power high performance heavy truck engine has become the urgent needs of the domestic diesel engine industry.

In the field of heavy dynamic technology for many years cultivating Weichai, make no apology for having shouldering the this heavy responsibility, the timely introduction of 13L engine. Experimental results show that this WP13 machine in the 1000r / min can output maximum torque count leads, the engine can be paired with a smaller ratio bridge, strong power, good economy is best choice for heavy truck power.

The engine to the high power segment, also in line with the development trend of the international market. From the European and American countries, the demand for high power engines has been strong. The United States developed highway network, provide a good environment for long-distance transport of heavy truck. The heavy truck trend is obvious, 4-5 (6 9 tons) truck sales accounted for total sales of trucks was less than 1 / 5; and six - level 7 (9-15 tons) truck sales accounted for one-third of the total sales volume; grade 8 (15 tons) of the product sales accounted for half of the total sales of more than. The highest tonnage tractor (the total weight of goods vehicles) is 36.2 tons, which accounted for 38% of the heavy truck engine 12-13L, 15-16L accounted for 30%.

Europe affected by the geographical environment, the way of trade between countries to road transport based. Since 2000, the European 40t traction vehicle 13L engine has become the mainstream in the market, the proportion of the heavy truck engine 12-13L reached 64%; in the field of 15-16L, Volvo, Scania and Daimler products have been put on the market, new products of man, Iveco has also developed 15-16L. In order to meet the market demand.

From the point of view of the present situation and development of American and European heavy truck power, China's heavy truck (Note: traction vehicle load 49 tons, limit and weighing 55 tons) rising displacement engine become inevitable trend.

Is adhered to the displacement of rising trend, Weichai has been leading the direction of high power engine, from 2000 7 liter engine to 2003 8 liters machine, never walk in the front of the market, 2005 8 liters of machine is the domestic heavy truck market respected, Weichai 10 liters machine, 12 liter engine has unmatched Market, thanks to the truck engine technology for many years, the precipitation and distillation, in the field of heavy commercial vehicles, Weichai years keep the sales volume and market share leader status. "High power and large capacity of selected Weichai" has become one of the principles of many users to buy Engine imperceptibly.

"The user's trust, high reliability first comes from Weichai products." De Hui Tong said: reliability has been the main direction of Weichai product differentiation advantages, heavy truck is a tool to make money, users are most optimistic about Weichai products of Pishi durable. Weichai heavy truck engine mean failure interval of up to 25 million km, the B10 life can reach 120 000 km, greatly superior to the outside of the same series of products, reducing the product maintenance time and cost, the account of the user can be regarded as the most to understand.

The high reliability from Weifang strong technical strength support. Weichai engine reliability laboratory is Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency finds that the first batch of Key Laboratory of enterprises, is the country's most versatile, the strongest internal combustion engine reliability laboratory; Weifang led 19 well-known professional research institutions (Massachusetts Science Institute, University of Wisconsin, University of Aachen, Germany, Southwest Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University) was founded on the reliability of internal combustion engine international technology innovation alliance, representing the highest international


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